Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Kira
Age : December 2019
She is very social with other cats, kids and dogs

Wounds need time to heal, but always love helps for fast healing..
Every year a volunteer helps many animals to help, but they just get sterilized, and are returned to their colony, giving them so a new life with more dignity, and some are kept to get saved by the biggest enemy, the street.
From our hands every year pass many whiskers, kittens with running noses, many oldies, and countless abused, but they steal your heart, and when it is time to say good by, you loose a part of you.
These animals coming into our homes, they become more than our family. We see their wounds healing, they bond with our children, our friends see them transforming, our parents ask us how they are, if they are getting well, our neighbour sees us with the crate to come and go from the vet and asks if they made it.
They become one with our life and take their seat on our couch. Mainly though, they leave their mark in our hearts.
This little one travelled way before the quarantine from Volos, to find her second chance with us. She was born deaf and when she was found, she had big problem with her eyes, so she cannot see clearly. How it is to not hear and see blurry?
The love affair with Kira started from the moment we took her in our arms, and we could write many paragraphs for her uniqueness. She is an amazingly tender creature, loves food, as much as petting, likes belly rubbing, and purrs so loud, that she warms the heart. Loves children, sunbathing, flowers, insects, and most of all loves hugging. We hit our fingers on the floor, and she feels the vibrations looking for us.
This is Kira, sleeping on the right side of our couch, looking for her forever home ❤️