Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Kim Catashian

Name: Kim Catashian
Born: May 2016
Colour: Calico
Can live with other cats / children / dogs Litter trained, follows people around – loves attention

Kim needs no introduction, you already know her. You’ve probably seen her pose for a photo shoot, or as a guest on some TV show, or even making a red carpet appearance, not to mention the widely known reality show where she stars. She likes boys with shiny black hair or shiny black fur, craves exotic flavored cat pate and fancies rhinestone collars with semi-precious stones on them. Kim is here, it’s just that the paparazzi haven’t noticed her yet! She was actually on a cruise to South Italy and Greece, having a great time at the yacht while listening to Cat Sinatra and eating her favorite tuna ice cream. She was then seen having a blast at one of those private beach parties somewhere in the south suburbs. She liked Glyfada and the Greeks so much that she decided to stay here and settle down …The thing is we have got to find the perfect home for her! After all, every house needs a ….Kim, doesn’t it?