Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: June
Colour: Tiger gray
Born: June 2017
Can live with other cats/ dogs / children Litter trained / playful / tender

“A storm broke out in my mind when I saw you!” (Antipas, 1997)

This is the song that my “mom” Daniela often sings to me. I even found out why: I was born at the beginning of June, so they called me June. My real mom was a young cat and I was her first kitten.
Then one day she said: My one and only child, sit here at this bush and wait for me to return. That’s what I did, but my mom was late and I got hungry. I started crying a little. She didn’t return… I cried even more and even louder. Oh… and suddenly a hand picked me up, and when I was raised… a lightning flashed followed by a very loud baaaam.
It was pouring down… I was going to drown in the water under that bush. She took me at her home, she gave me milk and a warm bed. My “catmom” never returned after all, but I found three other better moms. Aunt Argiro and aunt Maria who helped me and grew me up. Now I live with the lady who found me. She says that I will stay with her until they find parents that will love me as much.
By then, I will be playing and be naughty with my toys. I like playing and running very much. I’d love to have a sibling in my age as company. I eat dry food, I go to my litter and I have even had my first vaccines. In fact, aunt Maria says that I come from royalty as I am a Bengal mix cat!
Help little June find her forever home.! She was born approximately in June 2017.