Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Jenny
Born: mid 2016
Colour: Black/Brown
Can live with other dogs / cats / children
Very friendly and playful

Jenny is a young female dog and she is a real angel on earth. She lived a harsh life in the street which became even harsher when she was unlucky to meet the humans’ ugliest face and now she still bears her scars at the top of her head. However she was also lucky enough to meet the humans’ best face as well and now after all of her troubles are over she is with us, dreaming about her future with lots of optimism!
Jenny is a really joyful dog! She is the very definition of what we would call a human-centered animal. She is unexpectedly friendly, playful and social, even with totally stranger humans.
What’s incredible about our first encounter was that even though she had never seen us before, her first reaction was to turn up side down and present us her belly for petting, and then rush into our hug and finally… simply sit next to our feet and extend her paw! Naturally we were stunned by all this because given her history, we were expecting at the very least a frightened dog that would be distrustful and negative towards everyone.
After all, Jenny was a stray dog that was raised in the street, in a hostile environment and unfavourable conditions; it is not at all to be taken for granted that she would have developed such a positive character. This means that Jenny begins from a very privileged starting point her quest for a new family that will truly love her and allow her to really unfold her incredible personality in her new home.

Her behaviour so far has been exemplary: she hardly barks and if there’s no reason, she doesn’t bark at all, and she instantly runs when it is time for her food! She is very obedient and knows how to sit down in order to earn a treat! She also has a huge appetite, which makes her an ideal dog to start training.

Jenny was born approximately in mid 2016 and she is now located in Athens. She is absolutely healthy, she weighs roughly 23 kilos and is not expected to grow any more in size. She is neutered, has had her vaccines, has been dewormed and will be given for adoption with an adoption contract only for living indoors, in the area of Attica alone. The new owner will cover the cost of her microchip. Tel: 6936631269