Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Iris
Age: 3,5-4 years old
Gender: Female
Weight: 37 kg
Height: 66 cm (shoulder)

Iris is a dog that really wants to be in the centre of attention, announces her presence in her territory, likes to be in control and is very human centric. She is very enjoyable company as she has a comfortable and relaxed character and makes great impression. She is also convenient with a leash and very easy going when she gets in the car.

She is used in living inside a house and she plays nice with cats, other dogs and people, even those she meets for the first time.

Even though Iris is a big and strong dog she certainly doesn’t need action all day long. She simply enjoys being with the company of other dogs or caressing people. She does like long walks however as well as being watchful of her own territory / land. Iris use to live for a long time as part of a pack in a deserted village, so it’s a great achievement to adapt to everyday life in a house in such short time. She could easily adapt to living with one or more dogs as she is very socially competent and friendly.

She is a beautiful lovely dog who deserves the best home. Right now she is going through therapy for heartworms but hopefully she will recover well and be healthy to start her new life in her forever home!