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Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Huggy
Born: August 2017
Colour: Οrange
Can live with other cats / children / dogs
Litter trained, very affectionate, tender, playful

“Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams”
(William Butler Yeats, Cloths of Heaven)

Huggy came into our lives unexpectedly, carrying only his dreams with him. He has spread his dreams under our feet and he won’t let us stop hugging him, for fear we might tread on his dreams.
One of the most tender and cuddly kittens, this little fluffy ginger cat instantly amazed us with how much he trusted us. He is a creature of rare beauty and wonderful character, which we will have much difficulty parting with; this is how much we have come to love him. Even though he cannot see, he has an exceptional perception of space and a huge appetite for play. We are looking for a person who can embrace him as well as his dreams and turn them into reality.
Huggy was born in August 2017 and will be given for adoption in Attica, to live exclusively indoors. The new parent will be required to cover the cost of microchipping him. Contact tel. number 6974878527.