Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Hopsi
Born: 2008
Can live with other cats / children / dogs Litter trained, very affectionate, tender, playful

If you see a falling star, rush to make a wish and it will come true”, people way back used to say and how nice … with so many stars, we can make many, many wishes.
Wishes are associated with the desire or craving that makes our heart feel impatience. We may feel that our wishes are lying idle and remain in lap time until they seek fulfillment. It’s definite that we go through times, that we need wishes to make things better around us and we all make great efforts towards this direction.
Whether our wishes will come true or not, it’s unknown … It’s a sure thing though that we have the chance to hope when you see the sky filled with stars.
One evening while watching a falling star, this little face approached our feet. We named her Hopsi and the first wish that came to mind was to find a home for her! She is a beautiful glowing star !!! Who will make our wish come true?