Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Born: July 2017
Colour :black Can live with other dogs / cats / children
Litter trained, playful, affectionate, tender

At first it seemed that Happy was a rather commonly used name for a cat. But no matter how many times one may feel happy could they possibly ever get used to it? Or get bored of it? I am Happy’ s foster mother and have been trying to write an emotional story for her for quite some time now in order to make you feel touched and eventually adopt this broken black blind lady… when at the same time she is attacking my pen, chewing my paper, especially the dramatic part and after she spits all over my face all this “tear production factory” that I had been trying so hard to create, she lies down on the entire page preventing me from having the slightest access to her CV. She is then using her claws to gently remove my glasses and is throwing them down to accompany my poor pen which had dealt with the same fate a few moments ago. “No, you won’t be writing for ages”, she says to me in a language that only if one closes their ears and open their minds could hear and understand. “I do not need too many words; just a few of those ordinary ones, ordinary like my name but so rare at the same time: a forever home and someone to love me 24/7 so that I will never have the time to be afraid…so that Ι will never ever be afraid again! And maybe the drama is sort of true because I am really blind and black and broken, but I‘d rather leave all that behind or at least for the Oscar nominations of a Hollywood movie. Why? Because I am Happy, the cat with the ordinary name, but I can be your Happy, your happiness which you’ll never get used to or bored of.” She was born approximately on July 2017 and will be given away for adoption only to be indoors, requires being neutered at the right age. The price of placing a microchip is to be taken care of by the new guardian. Tel. 6986224268