Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


This dog of ours is a creature that loves attracting attention all the time. She makes her hair every day, washes her fluffy fur, perfumes it with the most sophisticated fragrances of nature and always makes sure her beehive hairdo doesn’t need a honeycomb (pun intended)! So she won her name Frufrú by right!

Frufrú is a wonderful, imposing and special fluffy dog. She was not as fortunate as her name implies however, not until she came to our embrace. But these days are now gone and so now our Frufrú gazes at her future with optimism as she knows that we will find the best home for her!

This is a dog that is extremely human-centric and friendly to all people. However, like all women, Frufrú can be a bit jealous sometimes. Okay, maybe a little more than usually. But who doesn’t want a little extra attention sometimes? So when Frufrú is with her human, she likes to have his full attention. She likes playing, rolling around, wagging her tail, but she doesn’t like her human extending his hand to caress another dog. She feels very sad believes she has done something wrong and always runs to retrieve his attention again.

So her human should be able to give her the attention she longs for and show understanding of her possessiveness and energy. Frufrú is a high energy dog that will need a person who can help her defuse that energy. She is not a dog that will compromise with life in four walls and at least two long walks in a relatively open space combined with enough and proper exercise will ensure you will get her eternal gratitude and confidence.

Frufrú has a huge heart full of love and constantly wags her tail to show her joy, she doesn’t complain, she is very quiet and generally very friendly with everyone, even with totally strangers who will approach her with similar love. She also works well with other dogs despite its possessiveness, but not so well with cats.

Frufrú has been to the vet and is completely healthy. She was born in January 2016 and is currently about 17 kilos. She is located in Athens and will be given sterilized and vaccinated with an adoption contract for the region of Attica only. The new owner will cover the cost of the microchip.

Phone number: 6936631269