Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Frieda
Born: December 2017
Color: Orange

There is a difference between having been born blind and losing your eyesight later in life…
Who doesn’t love the morning sun that sneaks into the bedroom? Who doesn’t enjoy the midday sun that bathes the flowers in the courtyard? Is there really anyone who didn’t let themselves get carried away looking at the sunset? Light acquires various colors during the day and gives us many and diverse sentiments…
This is how our story would go on and we would all get all nostalgic of the light of a bright sunny day. But what happens when your eyesight is taken from you? What happens when someone interferes and disturbs the cycle of life?
So how our story goes on is with Frieda getting blinded. She forever lost the ability to see the light. Someone threw acid into her eyes and we will never know why.
Chemical substances in the eyes cause terrible pain. They may even cause loss of eyesight, as a result of painful burns in the eyes and the skin around them.
Frieda lost her eyesight to someone who has no respect for the value of life. However, no one can take away from her the light that her soul’s beauty radiates. She still loves people and she is tender, cuddly and human centered.
Give her the chance to live the way she deserves!