Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Evita
Age: September 2018
Color: Calico

What does hope mean? Afeeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen…This is Evita…she could just be…Hope…
Lets be honest…Are you perfect?…Well! Evita is! She just doesn’t care for her deformed little leg…she is genuinely friendly, cuddling,…she is just perfect! She is a perfect 3 mos kitten, and yet just to our eyes…deformed! Why? Because she is the absolute rebuttal of C. Cavafis’ lyrics… “And now, what will become of us without the barbarians?…” Evita doesn’t care! She can teach her future parents, that even if “barbarians” exist in our lives, a cat-heart full of love and tenderness can make them disappear, even C. Cavafis’ “barbarians”….
She will be given for adoption for in house living, within Attica’s area only. She will be given spayed or will be spayed at the appropriate age, the microchip will burden the new owner. Contact mobile +30 693 6631269.