Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Elsa
Gender: Female
Breed: Mixed
Weight: 18kg
Height: 50 cm

Elsa was abandoned in a suburb of Athens,rescued and fostered by our volunteer and later on by our volunteer and trainer with whose animals as well as him she lives right now.
Character: Elsa was forced to learn to survive on her own in the hostile streets and as she is sensitive and shy,she had only been accompanied by her fears there before she was rescued .Now she’s learning to socialize and build her self-esteem which was wrecked by the loneliness and abandonment but regardless of this loneliness she’s friendly toward humans, dogs and even cats. She will try to explore and play just like all the other dogs,but sometimes her hesitation will be stronger than her intention to do so. However,it thankfully isn’t stronger than her anthropocentrism .So all that her person will have to do is love her, earn her trust, give her a motive to learn and later on show her the way to express her energy in a positive way.In this case,soon enough, he will be enjoying life with a completely devoted happy and playful creature as well as willing to learn and share everything with her.