Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


This angel you see goes by the name Dolly. She is a simply adorable dog who used to have everything. A home, her own humans, safety. She was living within endless love and everything was going fine.

Life however is unpredictable, not everything goes as planned. The lady that had Dolly in her life was unlucky enough to suffer from serious health issues, serious enough to completely prevent her from being able to provide Dolly with the life she deserves.

In praise of her she acted responsibly, unlike many other people who were just as unlucky with health issues, or their relatives. She did not abandon her in the street. Instead, she made every effort to find a solution for Dolly. In the end, she got in contact with one of our volunteers.

Goes without saying that we could not say no under such circumstances. After all, Dolly is an angel. She is a dog that is literally ready to go to her new home. She is accustomed to living inside a house, is extra friendly with everyone, doesn’t bark, only goes outside for her needs, and all she asks for is cuddling and playing.

Dolly is small half blood ebony greek kokoni dog. She weighs approximately 13 kilos and was born roughly in April 2013. She is located in Athens. She will be given for adoption with an adoption contract and will be neutered, vaccinated, for the area of Attica and for living indoors only. The new owner will cover the price of his microchip. Tel: 6937565820