Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


You are all familiar with the adventures of Robinson Crusoe, today we will tell his story again,
since our Crusoe is a dog. Crusoe was deserted in an Aegean island for years, lingering for the boat which would take him to mainland. He was told that there, there are big chances to find what he was looking for, a family. While waiting, he lost his precious companion, Friday. Crusoe promised him that he would leave the island in his memory. Waiting became very lonely and painful. Time in the world of canines goes by very fast. Crusoe was worrying that he might run out of time. He was dreaming of a boat with a blue star which would bring him closer to his dream. A few days ago, his dream became real. He is now very close to what he always dreamt. He can’t wait to tell his adventures. This chocolate dog is full of wisdom
and experiences. He loves everybody and likes to give his paw. Sometimes both of them! Crusoe will never be a castaway again!

Crusoe is approximately nine years old, castrated and healthy. He is a very sweet and kin mature dog, who loves to be next to you all the time. He loves to give his paw and sometimes both of them! He is obedient, calm very friendly with other dogs, people and children. He was very nice on the lead. He is the ideal dog for a family who wants a companion

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