Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


I am a little black and white cat
Black n White, oh! So black n white and fat!
I have a pink little tongue
And a bowknot at my neck
Meow-meow, meow-mieck!

I have a little cute nosie
Two little eyes that are rosie,
A pair of teeny-tiny ears
But a tail so big that hears!

In the morning when I wake up
I sit in soft, washing up
I wash my face, hands and paws
And then they all shine with awe!

Hi there, I am Cooper and I was discovered inside a sewer. I was very scared and I hid myself calling for my mother. After a while someone found me, picked me up and took me with her. I am in a home now, and I am in my best behavior; I don’t want to return to the sewer, ever. My foster mom says that I am very clean, cuddly, a voracious eater and above all… a baby! If you have a place for me in your home and your heart, feel free to call