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Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Cho-Oyu
Born: Early May 2017
Colour: Black / White
Can live with other cats/ dogs/ children
Litter trained, tender, affectionate, playful

“They grabbed us from our mom, they stacked us in a carton box and we found ourselves at the foot of the mountain before we even knew it… but when we saw the mountain we talked it through right away and we made up our minds!!! We would start climbing to conquer one mountain peak each of us.

Every experienced mountaineer however needs a Sherpa to be his guide and carrier. So when we saw a great muscular dog passing by us we started calling at him asking for his help. Of course he responded instantly and came close to us. Sadly like all dogs he didn’t understand our feline language and instead of the mountain, he led us to his home.

So far so good… sort of preparation camp. We have food and a warm bed but we look forward to exploring the world! So we are looking for a human to be our friend, our guide and fellow traveler for the rest of our lives.”

Cho-Oyu, though his friends call him just Cho, has a white lock of hair at the edge of his tail! That’s not a simple conjectural detail mind you, but rather a well concealed radar device! It can instantly located hidden treats, a free human hand to purr as well as the best spot to lie down and have a nap! He is always the first to appear when the food bowl fills up and in a magical way he is always the first to disappear when he wants to get some rest.

Cho-Oyu was born on early May 2017, and will be given for adoption in the area of Attica and for living indoors only. He will be given either neutered or under the condition of being neutered when she comes of age. The cost of his microchip will be covered by his new guardian. Tel. 6936554651