Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Chino was found wandering alone in downtown Athens. He’d run around in the middle of a busy avenue, unaware of the dangers. A volunteer simply opened her car door and Chino jumped right in. He is very friendly with other dogs – he already lives with two male dogs (an adult and a puppy). He is vaccinated, healthy, and neutered. Chino is a very human centered dog. Very energetic and active, he needs a lot of exercise. He loves to chase his toys and he loves plastic bottles. Although active and energetic, Chino does most of the things he does for your attention. He loves to play, but he loves to play with you. He can follow you around everywhere and is a dogs that you can take anywhere with you. As long as you are together, he’ll be happy.

Phone 6945598760
Name: Chino
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: small (7 kilos)
Age: born (aprox) August 2015