Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Sometimes life doesn’t give out the good cards in the beginning. When you have to start with a hand full of bad cards, you have to take all the chances, life presents you.

We call this wonderfull tomcat Chance, because he takes every chance to make a good play with his bad cards. He was found from our vet, blind AND with ataxia, in the garage of a buliding, in the age of 6 months.

Normaly, no cat would survive this start. But he did, because he took every chance to survive. We dont know how actually he could survive, but he did.
Then he was for a while in a cage at the vet, for his eye surgerys.
And Chance took his next chance to show how nice he is and how much he loves humans and other cats.

He is a soft young boy how loves to play. He loves other cats and dogs, as long as they take care of his issues. He is grateful for every nice gesture and when someone treats him carefully and gives him the time he needs.

He is ready now to take the next chance to find a loving forever home and someone, how knows, that a blind cat with ataxia has to be trated with care and needs time and love.

Ηe was born approximately on October 2019 and he is neutered. He will be given for adoption to live exclusively indoors, in the Attica region. His new guardian will be required to cover the cost of microchipping him. Contact tel. number 0030 693 663 1269