Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Carmina
Born: September 2018
Colour: White- Black
Can live with other cats and children

In Latin Carmina means songs. Music is the only language understood by all! What we sense when we listen to our favorite music is a feeling of euphoria that travels from our brain through our whole body. Psychotherapists throughout the world choose to treat many psychogenetic illnesses with music therapy. Music releases feelings and thoughts that normally a person would keep locked inside him/her. So, whatever we feel it’s best to express it through music in order either to uplift it or to banish it. Really, what would peoples’ lives be without music? Indifferent, monotonous, boring and bland. Really, what would your life be with our Carmina? Purring good mornings in bed, chases with the toilet paper in the bathroom, rubbings against the legs for midday snacks, meows behind the door when you turn your keys, cuddly company in the sofa for movie time and a loyal friend for the rest of your life. Could it be it’s time you got your own song, our Carmina?