Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Carlos Cantana

Every purrrr has its own melody…

If we listen closely enough,our entire lives are surrounded by music. Even when we’re protected embryos in the womb we hear sounds and they bring peace into our souls. Music is everywhere in our daily lives and can benefit us and our health in a plethora of ways,be it our physical or our mental one.

The melody of a cat’s pur really is influenced by music quite vividly,drepisposing the people who feel it to emotional bliss,offering a way out of their every-day trials and tribulations as well as their anxiety. It also offers better blood circulation,giving the person the capacity to be entertained and wind down,to the point where various people,according to surveys,have experienced an improved sleep quality.

Carlos Cantana shoved himself in a car engine when he was about 2 months old and didn’t want to get out of it,but only meowed and purred,hidden as he was and we got him food to lure him out. He’s never stopped purring ever since. As soon as he gets petted by human hands he purs ever so uniquely,he has his very own melody and it enchants and heals our hearts.
Music heals and so does Carlos Cantana’s purring.