Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


This is Carlo, a blind little baby that was found alone, hungry, scared and helpless. I already had way too many fostered animals, available space was already minimal but the options were too limited, the following one to be exact: A blind animal will not survive not even an hour in the street, so it is a top priority for help.

So since last week this tabby baby lives with me. When he came to me he was in a miserable state with his eyes as thick as balloons due to swelling, a result of an otherwise simple infection that would normally be easy and fast to deal with… having been found in time. In the street however, animals do not have access to medicines and treatment, so a simple infection can have lethal consequences. The vet was not optimistic and believes he has lost his sight permanently. At least after lots of intensive care with Tobrex eye drops applied several times a day and Augmentin antibiotic syrup, the eyeballs were back to normal. He still does not see and this will probably not change, but at least now he does not suffer from this unspeakable pain.

He is a creature with incredible adaptability, he learned his space in just one day by constantly exploring and now knows exactly where to find his litter can, his bowl of food and water, his bed … and of course the human that fosters him, even though he doesn’t see him. So he comes for cuddling. He has even learn to crawl over my pijamas and climp onto my leg to get more cuddling… and when I hold him in my arms to feel me close, he calms down, moans and purrs like a little tractor!

So, this baby was lucky. He was found on time while he was in the street and he also got a foster place. But for every kitten out there like this baby, there is another hundred that we will not be found on time will die a miserable, premature death being hungry, sick, injured, blind in miserable conditions.

The presence of non sterilized animals in the street is essentially the guarantee that such incidents will continue, and this is why we are constantly struggling through TNR projects to sterilize as many stray animals as possible. Street life is already cruel and inhumane, especially in a city of concrete like Athens. If the animals are left to reproduce uncontrollably, as their instincts direct them to, the streets will be constantly full of corpses, and also some of the less unfortunate babies who will have escaped death in the last minute, but still doomed to live the rest of their lives being blind…

He is located in Athens and will be given for adoption in the area of Attica only, after he has been neutered. The new owner will cover the expense of his microchip. Tel: 6937565820