Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Carlo
Born: January 2017
Colour: White/Gray
Can live with other cats/ dogs/ children
Litter trained, very affectionate, very tender, talkative, looks for attention

“When we passionately believe in something non-existent, we eventually create it.What we’ve never created is what we’ve never really craved for”
(N. Kazantzakis)

Is it true that princes only exist in fairy tales? We’re going to tell you “no”! Princes do exist, just like fairies and elves and everything they told us didn’t exist when we were young. They do exist because we passionately believed and still believe in them.
We passionately believed in this little tomcat whom we saw all by himself in a veterinary clinic’s cage. The order was for him to reintegrate. But how can you leave a creature like him in the streets again? Without a second thought we took him home and his noble manners convinced us that he was a true prince.
We named him Carlo and we could talk about him for hours. He’s an incredibly handsome, clean, communicative and very talkative gentleman. He just loves human company as well as narrating stories from his life in the streets and the life he dreams of in the future. He’s not looking for a palace, he’s looking for a cozy home and a family that will love him the way we did.
Carlo was born approximately in January 2017, neutered, vaccinated, totally healthy, negative in FIV/leukaemia/peritonitis. He possesses limited vision, without being wholly blind and can perfectly adjust to the environment that he lives in. He will only be given within Attica, exclusively to be indoors, with an adoption contract and microchip, the cost of which will be taken care of by the new guardian. Contact phone; 6974878527