Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Cara Bettie

Name : Cara Bettie
Born; beginning of 2017
Colour; white/ Gray tiger
Can live with other cats ,people
Litter trained, very affectionate, tender, playful .

Cara Bettie wasn’t blind ,sick ,or three-legged .She was just a skinny, half-stray kitty . Half-stray in the greek “kind of ” way, the “I give you my food when the appetizer is too heavy for me “but at the same time the ” you’re not coming indoors or on me because you’re a cat ” way . We fed her at her colony ,we helped her get stronger and her tenderness and raspy voice started to become a daily habit for us . Cara Bettie wasn’t the worst case scenario out of the cats we normally rescue but she tried to be in order to attract our attention when she followed us some day after her daily feeding and almost got hit by a truck . And that’s how she deservingly won her place at her foster home . Cara Bettie told us her name herself. She wrote it ,rather.Perhaps,even better, it was already written on her fur! A gray heart, that turned red out of her joy when she got off the streets . And, as if she knew ,a few days later ,the construction site where she would spend her days along with the rest of the cat colony started being built and the other kitties lost their home …Cara Bettie ,however, doesn’t want anyone to lose anything. She just wants to build her life with you forever…
Cara Bettie was born approximately in the beginning of 2017.She will be given away only to be indoors within Attica with an adoption contract. The cost of placing a microchip will be taken care of by the new guardian .