Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


The camping fella of our heart

Campsites are a place of recreation, relaxation and vacation, a favorite solution for those who love life in nature. It’s also a favorite choice of some irresponsible people to abandon their unwanted (sic) animals.

This is the story of Camber, a lovely cat who was found totally lost touring the footpaths of a campsite somewhere in Greece, usually engaging in two things: climbing on caravans to escape the hunting of the campsite’s dogs (which in turn also were abandoned there) and turn around to present his tummy for cuddling to the people taking vacation in the campsite.

All-white and with two colorful eyes (one green, one turquoise) is a fluffy ball that only looks for a place to lie around. Of course, Camber is a very special kitten (now adult), you could say he is almost unacceptably friendly.

He is doing very well with everyone. With kittens, with adult cats, with dogs both small and big, with people, children. He is so social and friendly that we would even say it is dangerous for him and he clearly has no place on a hostile street where he simply will not survive.

It is the ideal sofa kitty that we all would like to have at home. Easy going, quiet, playful, friendly, and very purring!

He is located in Athens. He is sterilized, has been dewormed, vaccinated and will be given for adoption with an adoption contract and only for the region of Attica. The new owner will cover the cost of his microchip. Help us find a responsible and eternal home for our friend!
Contact number: 6936631269