Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail ..

Bohem is almost five years old, hardly eight kilos, she loves going to walks, loves cuddling, loves people, loves sitting around in every warm hug she finds and loves other dogs too!

She is a different dog. Bohem has lost her sight, we are not sure how. So she cannot see us. In the morning when she wakes up, even though she cannot see us, she hears us getting up from bed and she feels us approaching for her morning cuddling, so she starts her first tail shake for a good day’s start.

Bohem, though blind, is no different than any other dog. She loves her walks and even looks forward to them. She is very social and always enjoys meeting with other dogs, even though she doesn’t see them. The tail shaking is then non-stop!

She has learned the routine of the ride and knows even where to meet her friends (because yes, Bohemian is well connected by now!!), or where there is a staircase and she has to be careful with.

She loves her food and is always ready to do everything for her favorite treat! Then, after eating, she sits quietly in her bed and goes along completely unnoticed, as if there is no dog in the area.

The tail of a dog is one of the most important means of communication for them. The tail shaking is directly related to the mood of the heart, usually indicating a friendly dog and eager-to-play.

If you are looking for a dog that is extremely loyal, devoted and really friendly and social with both people and other dogs, and also affectionate and expressive, then Bohem is the dog you have always been looking for!

Bohem was in a sorry condition when we found her abandoned with several health issues. With much patience and love however, Bohem has made her return, completed her treatment and is now healthy, having left the difficult days of the road behind her.

If you would like to adopt Bohem, you should know that she was born on August 2015, give or take. She will be given with contract of adoption for in house living only. She will be de-wormed and vaccinated. Her new guardian will be required to cover her microchip’s cost. Contact tel. Number 6937565820