Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Baloo
Age : 2018
Color : White and Grey
Can live with other cats, children and dog

Baloo is the big brown bear that lives in the jungle and is responsible for Mowgli’s education. Baloo is a symbol of happiness and self-fulfillment, the state of mind when you have found the meaning of life. By a seemingly simple song he teaches his student that the meaning of life is in the small everyday things and that these bring happiness.
Thus our own Baloo reminds us every day what happiness is; it is in his warm look when waiting to be called for, in his sweet voice at the door on our return home, in the opening of the can, in caressing his fluffy tummy, in the ball he is expecting us to throw his way and in his snuggling with us at night…
Baloo will come into your life and bring nothing but happiness; he is the companion that will become a member of the family and will warm your heart.
He is a very human centered cat who gets along very well with other cats too. But what he needs is human presence and what he wants is caresses, kisses and lots of love.