Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Asterias in Greek means Starfish ❤️

I have a little starfish under my pillow. I found a while ago when I was walking. I hesitated for a moment when I first saw him, I wasn’t really sure what it was but then it became clear. I instantly went back to my car to bring a colorful box to keep him in. I whispered to him Starfish I feel so lucky to find you, I will place you here so I can take care of you, you have some wounds but you will be fine! You are too beautiful and it’s a shame no one found you but I feel so lucky I did. I took him to the starfish doctor to heal. Then I brought him home, I bought him special starfish food and I made him a colorful bed to remind him of the sky and the sea. Since then, Starfish is with me, in the bathroom, the bed, the kitchen always waiting for me to get back when I am away. He wants to be hugged and touched but mostly he wants to be loved! Starfish is so special and very loving one!