Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Aria
Born: August 2017
Colour: Tiger Gray
Can live with other cats / dogs
Litter trained, affectionate, tender

Once upon a time, in a poor district, in a big family, Aria Juanita was born. She was the last and prettiest child. Aria dreamt of becoming the most famous cat-actress in the world when she grew older. When her parents were away, she watched her favorite soap operas on a daily basis and craved for her heroine to find Love.
The other kids from the neighborhood made fun of her and thought she would never make her dream come true.
Aria, however, didn’t give up. Every single day, she rehearsed, learned her lines, read her favorite book by the name of “performing a role” and mastered her craft.
She sent multiple CV’s to various production companies and one day she sent one to us too, hoping that we would give her a chance for a better life.
We couldn’t say no to her and are fostering her. Every day, we help her with her acting classes and took the task of finding her a home.
If you have a great cat-imagination ,if you’d like your cat to be social (to get along with dogs, cats, birds, even with grannies) and if you want your cat to be a showgirl you just have to get to know her and she’ll win your heart!
She was born approximately in August 2017 and will be given for adoption somewhere within Attica, neutered, vaccinated, exclusively to be indoors.
The cost of placing a microchip will be taken care of by the new guardian. Contact phone number; 6948523063