Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Apollo
Born: September 2016
Breed: mix

Apollo was born two years ago in Mavropigi Kozanis…one of the many ghost villages where the chaos begins: a vast brown coal mine, exploited for the production of electrical power, no one lives there any more! They talk about 70 stays…In 2018 brown coal mining is outdated technologically! Luckily people are not…”outdated” and for us certainly not the strays! Even if we cannot save the…Mavropigis…we can at least save Apollo! A joyful and sociable dog, where Mavropigi can remain existing in his eyes!
He will be given with contract of adoption for in house living, within Attica’s area only, neutered, dewormed, vaccinated and with microchip. Contact mobile +30 693 663 1269