Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Do you remember the dog you saw on the beach that summer? The one who came thirsty to find shelter from the sun under your beach umbrella and stayed there with you all day because you gave him some water?
Do you remember the kitty in that seaside tavern that you were giving fish to but all she wanted was to be petted? I am sure you have a picture of kittens playing in the harbor and a cat sleeping in a flower pot in that picturesque island cobbled road.
Do you ever wonder what happens to these animals when summer ends? when the beaches are no longer a sunny crowded place and the restaurants are closed? when the tourists depart and the remaining few locals stay mostly at home?
Maybe you met this little one last summer…maybe you saw him somewhere…well, maybe you did, because he couldn’t have seen you; he is blind.
We don’t know how he managed to survive in the streets so far. We can only imagine what would follow in the winter that’s coming. What we do positively know is that from now on he will live all the summers and winters of his life in a home.

Angelo was born approximately in September 2019. He will be given for adoption with an adoption contract to live exclusively indoors, in the Attica area only, on condition he be neutered at the appropriate age. His new guardian will be required to cover the cost of microchipping him. Tel. 693 663 1269