Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Hey you ,it’s Andy, Andy for adoption.
I would like to say that I am a teenager but I’m still a kid they say, a kitty kid.
I have ataxia which is a condition where one can’t control their body but it also means naughtiness in Greek…And this is exactly what it means for me too….See I what I can never control ,is my urge to come up with a new naughtiness idea every day.
You can never get bored living with me.
I purr like a train,drink water like a rooster and get along perfectly well with dogs ,cats ,unicorns even with the Bigfoot or Shrek…
I gotta stop advertising myself for now, because I have just come up with a fresh idea of naughtiness that will make my foster mother burst into laughter.
If you wish to adopt me ,you should stand in the queue and she must like you a lot (like a looooot) to give me to you…

Andy will be given with an adoption contract to live exclusively indoors, within Attica’s area. Neutered, de-wormed, and vaccinated. His new guardian will be required to cover the microchip’s cost. Contact tel. number 694 8523063