Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Amy
Born: November 2017
Colour: White
Can live with other cats/ dogs/ children Litter trained, tender, very affectionate, playful

When the God of cats is really please, he creates something like this … It was a regular day when we first spotted her beauty. She was found with her two siblings next to a highway and thanks to her good fortune, we managed to get het out of there on time.
Amy is a fluffy ball of incredible beauty and grace. She is 2 months old and now she gets to learn caresses and people. We call her “Sophia Loren” and we do not need to explain why!
She is absolutely healthy, born in November 2017 and she is currently in Athens. She will be given for adoption with a contract only for the area of Attica for living indoors only, with the condition of being neutered when she reaches the right age. The new owner will cover the cost of the microchip. Contact number: 6974010580