Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Amanda is about five years old. Most of those five years have been spent on the streets. It’s been a few months now that she’s been being fostered,it’s shown that regardless of her false reputation of being a free spirit,that she’s always been a house cat at heart..
The streets have left their mark on her and there’s times when she’s scared as if she were a 15-year-old grandma rather than a 5-year-old and then there’s those other times,which keep increasing,when she acts like 5-week-old kitten that just snuggles in your lap.
Amanda is a treasure that gets unraveled itself,and those little miracles happen with the love and the patience that win her heart over. Amanda has cat leukemia and one eye. She gets allergies easily and has lymphadenitis.
She needs an actually humane human,as she isn’t a pitch perfect cat,nor is she a cat with no health issues.We,however,want to hope there is someone out there who’ll understand,even through those insufficient lines of of her description that all of those issues are nothing compared to the wonderful being she is.
Having suffered bullying all through the years in the streets,Amanda doesn’t need other cats to hang out with…she needs a person and could conveniently be adopted on her own.
If,however,there’s other cats,they’ll have to have leukemia too as she can’t coexist with healthy cats since that would jeopardize their own health because leukemia is contagious.

Amanda will be given away with an adoption contract,neutered,dewormed,vaccinated. Exclusively to be indoors and only within Attica. The new guardian will cover the cost of the microchip.
Contact number:6986224268