Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Aladdin
Born: March 2016
Color: Black-brown

We bet you all know the famous fairy tale. It is very much like the story of our Aladdin. Our little one was wandering for a long time on the streets without food, luck and protection. He was poor and lonely. One day he found the famous magic lamp and when he started playing with it, the genie came out!
Aladdin stand there wondering what this strange being was and what he might want from him. And when his genie explained that he did not come to get something but to give, Aladdin did not believe in his ears. Genie gave him three wishes. Aladdin did not have to think much. He asked only one thing. A family. A person who will love and want him so that he will never be alone again … The genie told him that his wish was difficult but he promised him that he would do the very best to make it true.
Aladdin was born around March 2016 and will be given an adoption contract, sterilized, despised, vaccinated and tortured. Exclusively for home and only within Attica. Contact phone 693 6631269