Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Adele is a kitten that came to us from the not so distant Loutraki. Somewhere between the local casino and the beach parties, she lost her vision, we still can’t tell how. Despite her bad luck she was lucky enough to meet Maria, a wonderful person whose kind heart just wouldn’t let her stay blind on the streets, just counting the days until she would meet her fatal destiny there.

During the time she was with Maria, Adele unfolded her incredible personality. She wouldn’t stand still, she always wanted to run around anyone she could feel in the room, even though she could not see them. If a human would approach her for petting, she would instantly run to rub against their feet and grab with her paws what she could find!

Adele was so energetic and had grown such familiarity with the space and objects around her that if someone wouldn’t know that she was blind beforehand, there would be no way to tell, which is really unbelievable! Adele may not see with the eyes of her body, but she can see with the eyes of her heart!

To make a long story short, anyone who adopts Adele should know they are getting a kitten that, special as it may be, will however fill their lives with moments of incredible laughter and playing! And what will Adele asks in return? What all the pets ask for, only to return a thousand times over: Love, devotion and affection.

Adele is a white0 Tabby kitten that was born around November 2018. She has had her first vaccine, she has been dewormed and neutered.As pointed out already, she is as playful as a kitten can get, unexpectedly friendly and social with everyone around her. She will be given for adoption in the area of Attica only.