Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Your eyes are so deep that leaning down to drink
I saw all suns mirrored in them
All desperate souls hurled deathward from their brink
Your eyes are so deep my memory is lost there..

As the well-known saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”: they reveal our deepest emotions, which, under normal circumstances, we would like to keep hidden.
The eyes are the most important means of communication, right from the beginning of life.
What is inside you comes forth in your eyes.
Kassandra’s eyes are witness to her truth. She has limited vision seeing shadows from only one eye. We don’t know whether she was born this way. We know that she had a really hard time wandering the streets in darkness trying to survive.
We also know that the eyes of her heart are open, desperately looking to love the person who will open his heart to her. Leave your heart’s eyes open, give Kassandra a place in your heart and immerse yourself in the boundless emotion of selfless love!
She will be given with contract of adoption for in house living only, within Attica’s area only, spayed de-wormed, vaccinated. Her new guardian will be required to cover his microchip’s cost. Contact tel. number 6973754965